What is yoga?

Yoga goes back to millennia and its precise origin is still the subject of much debate. No matter where or how it came about, its purpose remains the same; reach an inner balance and improve one’s life. This discipline is a chain of movements, guided by deep breaths, whose goal is to free the body and the mind from tensions left, over time, by worries and bad vibrations.

Yoga has the power to unite the body, the mind and the soul by allowing one to reconnect with one’s deep nature and find balance by becoming fully aware of every body part and every instant. Yoga improves the overall health and fullness, one session at a time.

All poses have a particular restorative effect on the body and the mind. They help to reinforce certain muscles, while also increasing energy and self-confidence. Every pose is an invitation to your inner self, to discover harmony with your body and to bring out the best in yourself day after day.

The Espace Zen’s yoga classes will give you tools you can integrate in your daily life to maintain the physical, psychological and emotional balance found in that very personal discipline.

Is yoga for you?

Everyone can practice yoga. The only criteria it is to be able to breathe. For the rest, listen to your guide, and especially, to your body. It is essential to never force a pose, because it would not be efficient and you would be at risk of injuring yourself. As a matter of fact, flexibility is not a prerequisite for that practice, but one of its many benefits.

The Espace Zen offers you various yoga classes adapted to your level. With us, you will be supported from your beginnings to a complete and satisfying evolution.

The benefits of yoga

  • Improves blood flow and digestion
  • Reinforces muscles and metabolism
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Reduces back pain
  • Helps recover from injuries
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Reconciles body and mind
  • Reduces stress

About the classes

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*Reservation required at all times. Classes take place only if a minimum of 8 people have registered. *Register online or by phone before the beginning of the class to secure your place.

Hatha yoga for all

Hatha takes you away in a series of energizing poses maintained while taking deep breaths. The experience of meditation alleviates the requirements of certain poses and lets you delve into yourself using your breathing, which is at the heart of the yoga practice. The Hatha class is punctuated with more gentle poses, to allow you to catch your breath and be ready for the more demanding poses, and stretching exercises.

In harmony with the group’s energy, the teacher can adapt and suggest modifications to the more complex poses. The sessions can be more or less dynamic, according to the participant’s level. Since practicing yoga is deeply personal, judgement and the quest for perfection are not part of its philosophy. Beginners as much as advanced yoga enthusiasts and people with physical limitations can benefit from our Hatha class.

By the way, Hatha is the most common form of yoga in the western hemisphere.

Yin yang yoga for all

Yin yang yoga is an opportunity to make a soft landing and restore your balance from end to end. Based on the yin yang Chinese philosophy, this class aims at uniting the complementary elements of the hard tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, and the mobile parts; the blood and the muscles. The yin portion symbolizes receptivity, introspection and passiveness, while the yang evokes action, openness and momentum.

To allow yourself this Yin yang yoga break at the Espace Zen could be a revelation in your quest for well-being and letting-go. The unique ambiance in which this class immerses you, where gentle, fluid poses and the slowness of the movement intertwine, has an invigorating effect on the body as much as on the mind. The meditative aspect of this course naturally guides your mental towards tranquility and helps your body to create the space it needs while relieving the tensions.

You have a healing injury? Inform you teacher before the session, so the exercices can be adapted to your limitations. By the way, Yin yang yoga is even more beneficial when combined with a more active, or “yang”, activity.

Sixty and over yoga • COMING SOON

To maximize one’s health should be possible at all ages and this is the reason why this class exists. Living old is a privilege, but aging while staying healthy and fit is even more. Entirely adapted to your body, the Sixty and over yoga class follows a slow rhythm, and leaves you all the time you need to perform each pose. In an atmosphere where gentleness and serenity are key, every pose is designed to work on joints. Several accessories are put at your disposal to help you enjoy the poses more comfortably. Your teacher will guide you and support you in your personal practice thanks to his or her extended knowledge in yoga.

Designed to improve your overall health, this class enables you to enjoy a greater quality of life. In addition, we know how important it is for individuals to maintain their autonomy as long as possible, and yoga allows that.

Energizing yoga • COMING SOON

The Energizing yoga class formula was developed with the intent of stimulating a great dose of energy for people who have a crowded schedule where there is little room for physical activity and relaxation. This class has a faster pace and will regenerate your body and overall energy.

In a 45-minute session you will be invited to follow a medium intensity sequence of dynamic poses, intersected with relaxation phases, so you can catch your breath on your mat. Taking a moment to let yourself be carried away by Energizing yoga will allow you to recharge your batteries and be more efficient in your daily life. Invigorate your day by attending the Espace Zen’s Energizing yoga class.

Restorative yoga

A session of yoga allowing stiff or painful muscles, joints and ligaments to be restored, this is precisely the mission of this comforting class. Thanks to special movements that help lubricating the joints and ligaments, Restorative yoga is designed to restore a proper functioning of your limbs.

The Espace Zen’s Restorative yoga is a blend of Yin yang and Hatha designed to generate a muscular restoration in an area where relaxation is the guiding principle. Having first raised the body’s energy with Hatha poses, the class then switches to the slower Yin practice to enable the energy to spread for a longer time within the body.

Restorative yoga should be tried to experience a deep relaxation and increased well-being.