Learn to slow down

The Espace Zen’s Tai-chi and qi gong classes are an opportunity to explore the art of the movement, the slowness and the energy balance occurring within us when we come into action. Guided by martial arts master Éric Miville-Deschênes, discover tai-chi in its shortened form, which intended for beginners more than experienced people. The qi gong and push-hands gymnastics is fascinating and simply inviting. Its benefits are substantial in improving one’s sleep, concentration and posture. Flexibility, balance and a better emotional management are other positive effects of that discipline.

A little more about tai-chi and qi gong

Tai-chi is a body discipline stemming from the 5 branches of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is important to remember its global context when practicing it. Tai-chi is largely based on a balance between the two forces that are the yin and the yang. For that purpose, weight transfers between legs and arms are used to balance the body as a whole and activate blood and energy flow.

Tai-chi and qi gong are two disciplines that are often confused. They both originate from martial arts, but qi gong brings more gentleness to tai-chi, which first was a combat technique. To make a clear distinction, the chi represents the absolute, the being, while the qi symbolizes the work on vital energy.

By joining these two techniques, the result is a combination of circular movements performed continuously following a very slow rhythm. Tai-chi & qi gong is focussed on the smooth execution of movements while in synchronism with deep breathing. The movements follow each other in a predetermined order. Their slowness and precision allow to detect blockages in the body, and also to fully feel the energy and the blood flowing.