What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is akin to cross-country skiing, without the skis. In fact, it is walking with sticks and can be practiced in summer or wintertime. Nordic walking was invented in Finland in 1997 by professional Nordic skiers who decided to keep their sticks and train in the summertime without skis.

Very popular in Europe and Canada, especially since the year 2000, millions of people practice Nordic walking every year for their health and well-being. When Nordic walking, approximately 90% of the body’s muscles are solicited compared to only 40 to 50% when jogging or walking without sticks.

The benefits of Nordic walking

  • Better posture
  • Less weight on the lower limbs, which is ideal for people with knee, hip or foot problems.
  • Increases the burning of calories to 400 against 280 calories for regular walking
  • Improved oxygen supply
  • Relaxes the shoulders and neck
  • Works the abdominals continuously
  • Improves mood