Indulge in an exquisite relaxation

A true moment of escape leading to a state of pleasant lightness, this is what the Neurospa offers. Live a unique experience by being in the moment and feel the durable well-being it creates.

Good to know

Standard massage chairs use rotating mechanisms to simulate the fingers’ action on the muscles, which only has a temporary and superficial effect. Unlike these massage machines, Neurospas are in use in more than 300 renowned health centers, because they help people to reach a durable state of well-being by neutralizing tensions at a deeper level.The effects are similar to those of a traditional osteopathy or massage treatment. That is why, like many other health professionnals, we use this device combined with other treatments.

What is a Neurospa?

The Neurospa is a massage simulator designed in Québec. To bring the patient to a complete relaxation, the simulator uses a symphony of soothing sensations and mesmerizing music. This technology stimulates the nervous system using multi-vibration sound frequencies and carefully chosen music to create a space in which stress and energy blockages are eliminated.

First, you will be invited to comfortably sit inside the Neurospa. Before the session begins, you will be able to choose the type of massage you want, then let the sensations do their work. You will feel their gentleness from head to toe. The acoustic frequencies resonating in every part of your body neutralize the resistances by gradually eliminating the tensions caused by stress.

An invigorating energy with envelop you thanks to the soft sensations produced by the Neurospa. You will come out serene and in a state of total fullness.