Massage therapy at the Espace Zen is an invitation to extend your relaxation between our caring hands. Our certified massage therapists are totally focussed on your well-being while you are here. Get comfortable, close your eyes and escape for a while.

What is massage therapy?

Dating back to at least 4000 years, the touch therapy aims at relaxing the body and the mind, undoing muscular tensions and relieving pains of various origins. In time, the techniques have evolved and have become more refined. However, the cornerstone of massage therapy remained the same; improving the physical and mental state of the patient by massaging the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The benefits of massage therapy

There are massages focussed on relaxation, and others with a purely therapeutic purpose. In both cases, the benefits are many. As a matter of fact, integrating massage therapy in your life can prevent numerous physical and emotional problems, and improve your quality of sleep. Massages help maintaining a better posture, relax the muscles and reduce stress. They also improve muscle and articulation mobility, blood and lymphatic flow, digestion and the immune system’s functioning. On the mental side, massage therapy plays a beneficial role in stress reduction, self-esteem, awakening the senses and being aware of one’s body and emotions.

Relaxation care

Relaxation massages are designed to free you from the effects of stress and appease you physically and mentally.

By manipulating the tissues, this type of care works on the nervous system to invigorate you, give you more energy and activate blood flow.

Therapeutic care

The purpose of therapeutic massages is to treat or cure various ailments. Among other things, they help relieve certain muscular pains stemming from an injury or ongoing stress. They can also prevent the onset of muscle or joint problems if they are done regularly. It is normal to feel sore the day after the treatment, and this sensation will quickly go away leaving you in a state of well-being.

Our massages

Consult the therapists’ availabilities for massages.

Massages are subject to availability.

Californian massage

This massage use slow, fluid movements on the muscles and envelops you with dragging pressures on your body. An integrated psychophysical dimension allows the relaxation of both muscles and mind.

Enelph massage

The Enelph method is a delicate massage that allows the body to reconnect with its inner peace using touch on the whole spine, from the tailbone to the head. It plays on the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions to activate one’s energy regeneration potential through a holistic approach.

Sports massage

The Sports massage targets the muscles that suffer the repercussions of the sports you practice. This therapeutic technique aims at relieving and preventing precise aches, allowing you to cope more easily with your physical activities.

Swedish massage

A common practice, the Swedish massage has a therapeutic vocation. It is more dynamic than the traditional relaxation massage. With its deep effect on the muscle layers, it is ideal to treat pain related to physical activity, arthrosis, fibromyalgia or chronic pain. The massage follows a precise order to alleviate tensions, activate the organism and regulate the body as a whole.

Tandem massage

The Tandem massage is an opportunity to share your relaxation with a loved one. Let us pamper you with our soft hands, side by side, while you are deeply letting go together.

Deep tissue massage

This massage works on deep muscle layers that are tensed or painful. The movements are performed slowly to undo the muscular grips and the tensed areas. The kneading can sometimes be uncomfortable. Inform your therapist of your tolerance for an enjoyable session.