Enter the water and improve your health while having fun!

What is aquafitness?

Simply put, aquafitness is an aerobic type of fitness program that uses the water’s resistance to perform movements of varied intensity throughout the session. Some gentler sequences are provided to allow you to catch your breath and relax. Aquafitness is ideal to improve your flexibility, endurance and muscle tonus. This sport also helps to improve cardiovascular health by making all the body’s muscles work, including the heart. The aquafitness sessions unfold in a fun way, like a fish in water dancing to the rhythm of a mesmerizing music.

The Espace Zen’s aquafitness classes are open to all. As a matter of fact, practicing an aquatic sport is beneficial at all ages. Aquafitness is all about having fun moving in the water while maintaining a good physical health.

Since water compensates for the body’s weight, aquafitness is a sport you can practice whether you are pregnant, overweight or afflicted with arthritis, neck pain or back pain. In addition, the more the body is immersed in water, the greater is the resistance. That is why, during the sessions, you will sometimes be in the water up to your hips, and sometimes up to your shoulders, or floating on a device provided by your teacher.

Our aquafitness classes will take you away on a journey of aquatic pleasure that you probably will not want to live without. Various accessories are provided to perform exercises, such as weights and floating devices. Your experienced and caring teacher will support you during the sessions, so every moment is special and adapted to your capacity.

The classes are offered upon registration only. Next class will begin in the fall.