The Espace Zen is an enveloping place that is ideal to remove oneself from the daily routine. The quality and diversity of the services offered allow people to discover useful tools to maintain a healthy and balanced life. We have created a welcoming place for our visitors to go on an inner journey where they can reconnect with nature and themselves.

We believe that a balanced life is possible if one knows how to feed oneself in a conscious way not only physically, but also emotionally and intellectually. Knowledge and self-acceptance can be reached through a deep understanding of who we are and of the world surrounding us. Make our place yours and explore in your own way the tools we offer to cover all aspects of your experience. The Espace Zen is a getaway where you will be warmly welcomed by our well-being experts. Our mission is accomplished when you leave with good tools to improve your everyday life.

The Espace Zen Mont Sainte-Anne

The Espace Zen’s doors are open to all those who want to make a pause to explore their inner self while being supported by our experienced team members, who are eager to share their knowledge and techniques to maintain an everyday balance. The Espace Zen’s philosophy is based on a rediscovery of the self, and not on physical performance. Our approach is very transparent and authenticity is, in our judgment, a key to well-being.

In addition to being a favorable place for relaxation, the Espace Zen offers you a wide range of services to help you feel lighter, calmer and more serene. Tools in the form of workshops, yoga and meditation classes, as well as therapeutic massages and art therapy are offered all year long, so you can relax while learning about yourself whenever you need it.

At the Espace Zen, we want to make our services accessible to everyone through a welcoming and personalized support. According to your condition, your needs and what you want to experience, we will find the best services for you, whether it is a relaxing massage, an immersive yoga class, a workshop or one of our enriching health getaways.

We are looking forward to sharing our passion for health and well-being with you when you come to the Espace Zen to unwind.

Biography of our team

Sonia Simard

Founder of the Espace Zen

Sonia Simard – founder of the Espace Zen

In her early thirties, Sonia went through a desicive moment during a trip of several months in Guatemala. After spending many years trying to deal with a feeling of inner emptiness with all forms of excesses, she discovered her own power of transformation thanks to her first yoga and meditation experiences. The trip that should have been 3-month long finally lasted two years.

During that time, she learned about yoga and especially about its philosophy. She then studied Hatha in Thaïland, Ashtanga in India and Kundalini in Guatemala, as well as therapeutic yoga. Her interest in chakras and human sciences finally led her to study naturopathy while continuing to learn about the art of practicing and teaching yoga.

Then, Sonia Simard gave birth to the Espace Zen Mont Sainte-Anne. Today, in perfect harmony with her own body and healthier than ever, she creates health getaways for women who want to change their lives and their relation with themselves. These getaways are designed around a concept of education, whose goal is to provide the participants with tools to help them keep track of their goals when they go back to their daily lives.

Claire Laliberté

Yoga teacher

Caring and a contagious energy

Afflicted with chronic back pain and eager to improve her quality of life, Claire followed her intuition and unrolled her mat to devote herself to a sensitive and selfless yoga practice. The transformation was immediate. Claire was overwhelmed with an invigorating well-being from head to toes. Maintaining balance in her life was fundamental and yoga could do that for her. Claire soon dove into the surprising adventure of that beneficial discipline.

In order to reach her level of professional practice, Claire found two experienced teachers who guided her towards a unique practice where she would discover her own way of teaching. She gladly accepted to collaborate with her two mentors and opened a studio in Vieux-Lévis just for fun. Guided by her desire to broaden her vision of yoga, Claire cumulated specific training and workshops. Many places inspire her to share her sparks of well-being and she makes her yoga classes available to all, whether it is by the river, in big cities or enveloped by nature in the mountains.

Her approach

Gentleness and a contagious energy emanate from Claire. No matter what the physical ability and flexibility of the participants are, Claire adapts her approach to each one of them and allows them to evolve individually towards an inner balance that they can apply in all ascpets of their lives. During the classes, Claire focusses on performing the poses and the listening to oneself, while enriching the session with her joyful and caring personality.

Véronique Houde

Yoga teacher

Following her path

Eight years spent giving more than 30 massages every week were enough for Véronique to come to a crossroad and realize that this fast-paced lifestyle wasn’t for her. Since there is no coincidence, that is when the yoga way opened for her.

Véronique was pleasantly surprised by the positive physical impacts of that soothing discipline. The symbiosis between breathing and movement was wonderful. The idea of becoming a yoga teacher then came to her, with a dash of timidity that she quickly repelled. Thus, Véronique completed Hatha Yoga training followed by various courses in Airyogalates, Yin Yoga, Ball Yoga, Adapted Yoga and Tuned-up Yoga.

The well-being that Véronique felt was more mental than physical. This new balance guided her towards training in hypnotherapy and meditation. She also became a meditation teacher.

Her approach

Véronique shares her passion for yoga by mixing in various techniques she learned in the course of her career. The many strings on her bow largely benefit her customers. She is committed to the human health and well-being and it shows in her yoga classes, where each individual has the possibility to unite body and mind in a series of invigorating and soothing motions.

Véronique also has massotherapy, kinesitherapy, and orthotherapy training and studies naturopathy in her free time.

Éric Miville Deschenes

Tai-Chi and yoga teacher

A natural guide

Early in Chilhood, 4-year-old Éric discovered martial arts and started training. One thing leading to another, he ended up exploring many styles. He soon obtained a judo black belt and a second dan in Karate under the aegis of the late Masami Tsuruoka, the father of Canadian Karate.

Éric started pacticing yoga when he was only 14 years old and had the chance to deepen his personal knowledge of that discipline during a trip to India in 1993. Another trip to the east also allowed him to learn more about the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). He later taught this type of martial art to the US and Canadian special forces.

Laslty, Éric continued his training in martial arts and yoga teaching during an 18-month stay at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts.

His approach

In an open dialog context, Éric’s approach is pressure free. He likes to transmit his knowledge in an environment where there is no stress or judgement, which facilitates the integration of the movements and the body’s memory and maximizes their positive effects. Tai-Chi and yoga are very beneficial for stiffness and he takes every person’s individuality into account to help them evolve.

Sonia Giroux

Pilates and Nordic walking teacher

Physical activity was always a part of Sonia’s daily routine. In her teenage years, she practiced modern and classical dance, notably at the Grands Ballets Canadiens. However, she sustained several injuries, which prevented her from making a career as a dancer. Instead, she chose to teach ballet and followed training to become an aerobic dancing and Step teacher while studying business administration in university. These experiences in dancing have undoubtedly helped her developing her self-discipline and organization skills.

Today, Sonia is trained in the Stott Pilates method and teaches it at beginner and intermediate levels. In addition, she recently completed training in prenatal and postnatal Pilates as well as Pilates for people with scoliosis. Sonia now has a considerable amount of experience as a teacher and trainer in health care and education. She also offers Enelph care and Nordic walking classes at the Espace Zen.

Moreover, she gives Pilates courses in various sports centers of the Mauricie region for people between 18 and 78 years old, as well as for elite and sports-study groups.

Her approach

Her vision is to inspire and motivate people to adopt healthy life habits by giving meaning to the expression “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Obviously, health, well-being, fulfillment and respect of one’s own body and limitations are at the heart of her values.

Sonia is also involved in several sports associations in the Mauricie region and is part of La Mauricie National Park’s Roses du Défi women’s running and cycling teams.

Chantal Bernard

massage therapist

Magical fingers

When she was a teenager, Chantal had a keen interest in health and the human being. She remembers buying her first juice extractor at 17; an obvious sign of an early commitment to a healthy diet. She also knew how beneficial was physical activity and she seized every opportunity to do it. She was a runner, played badminton, danced, cycled and practiced several other sports. She soon understood that moving and eating well go hand in hand, but she felt like something was still missing.

In her early twenties, Chantal signed up for her first Shiatsu massage course. She was fascinated by the synergy between the physical and the psychological states. She then began teaching and accomplished her goal of becoming a professional massage therapist. At the L’Attitude school, she was taught the Californian massage. Chantal feels in harmony with herself when she uses the Californian technique because this massage is designed to reconcile mind, body and emotions. It has an end-to-end effect on the receiver and allows the balance to be restored.

Her approach

When welcoming her customers for a massage, Chantal is very thoughtful. She allows them to restore their inner balance by helping them to reconnect with the different parts of themselves via a deep muscular relaxation. She is renowned as a certified massage therapist and follows continued massage training. After all these years, Chantal is still captivated by the human being and it shows in her massages. People who experience Chantal’s hands are overwhelmed by a feeling of bliss afterwards.

Catherine Bourgault

Massage therapist

Gentleness at her fingertips

In 2008, Catherine Bourgault obtained a diploma in psychology. She then began her education as a massage therapist in 2013. She had a keen interest for the relation between the body and the mind, and the importance and power of the ritual. With her artistic soul, Catherine developed various techniques to help people to access their inner world and discover, with pleasure and lightness, other aspects of themselves by expressing their creativity.

Her approach

Catherine’s work with individuals, groups and communities is done through the implementation of communication channels. She stimulates creativity with dancing, visual arts and meditation. She also uses manual therapy with either the Californian or the Deep Flow massage. They are two techniques aimed at awakening the conscience of the body and generating well-being by reducing the traces left by stress in the body and the mind. With her knowledge, Catherine guides her customers toward inner peace and fullness.

Caroline Dubord

Aquafitness teacher

The pleasure of moving

The Espace Zen’s aquafitness courses could not be in better hands than those of Caroline Dubord. A lover of physical activity and the outdoors, Caroline is a physical educator in Mont Sainte-Anne’s secondary school and an alpine ski coach for young people at the Mont Sainte-Anne Ski Club.

To our great delight, she joined our team and shared her long experience in aquafitness and physical education. She has been giving aquafitness classes for adults in Côte-de-Beaupré for more than twenty years.

Her approach

Caroline is sincerely concerned about the people’s well-being. Her professional approach and her physical activity knowledge can only benefit those who wish to participate in aquafitness courses with her. She will guide you in the water and help you surpass yourself.

Marie-Christine Paquet

Art therapist

Balance through art

Marie-Christine Paquet uses artistic creativity to share her knowledge with her customers. Before she took the plunge and began a master’s degree in art therapy, she has studied visual arts and psychoeducation. Her understanding of the human being was deep and she was keenly interested in all things surrounding the individual’s emotional balance, self-esteem and quest for personal identity; things that can be difficult to harness by oneself.

Her approach

Marie-Christine is motivated by the well-being she brings to her customers. She works with people of all ages; children, teenagers, adults or seniors and offers group and individual art therapy sessions. Marie-Christine invites you to find yourself again and blossom through her creative and beneficial therapeutic approach.

Marie-Soleil Poce

Marie-Soleil Poce

Coming soon

Mélanie Champagne


Sweet revelation

Mélanie Champagne has always been fascinated by the human being. She started to deepen her knowledge of herself and the others through studies in literature and human sciences at the Université de Montréal. She then continued her education at the Psychology-Astrology Center of London to learn about the archetypes of the human personality.

She has been working for 11 years in the Las Piramides Meditation Center in Guatemala. There, she practiced and taught astrology in addition to learning alternative therapies, including yoga, medicinal plants and massages. She also explored the depths of the zodiac’s symbolic language. Mélanie now lives in Quebec and offers individual consultations in astrology. She participates in transformational workshops and hosts women meetings in Canada and the United States.

Mélanie uses astrology as a concrete tool to understand and recognize the various aspects of one’s personality. Astrology is like a mirror allowing a person to perceive himself or herself with objectivity and perspective. This tool helps to understand the energies moving within us and the cycles that we go through.

Her approach

Mélanie proposes a one-to-one meeting with yourself to reconnect with your real identity. This moment is ideal for discovering new tools and gently surrender to the moon’s beneficial energy.

Gabrielle Voyer

Coordinator and customer service manager

The Espace Zen’s smile

Gabrielle is originally from Val-d’Or, in Abitibi and has been living in Québec for more than ten years now. Before joining the Espace Zen’s team, she has been working with the public, mainly in restaurants.

In 2016, Gabrielle studied sommellerie to become one of the first beer sommelier in Canada. She was passionate about artisanal and local products. Her skills led her to participate in several business openings and to travel a lot for work. Still active in the brewing industry, Gabrielle finally joined her good friend Sonia at the Espace Zen. She has a real love for yoga and natural care and has become a crucial element in our team.

Francis Michaud


Your guide

For several years, Francis has experienced discomfort that prevented him from enjoying life the way he really wanted to. This discomfort was related to a lack of self-esteem. Taking the matter in his own hands, Francis turned to methods aimed at improving his emotional state and his self-esteem with a desire to see the positive impacts of these changes on his life.

This revelation would later lead him to a career where he would help people. Francis studied psychology and worked as a massage therapist for 8 years before completing his expertise with NLP coaching (neurolinguistic programming) and hypnotherapy training.

His approach

Francis uses his knowledge and personal experience to help you find the right tools to achieve the desired changes. He has the role of a support in your quest for self-confidence and control over your own life through thematic workshops and individual sessions.